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Thursday, December 23, 2004

That time of year

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Seasons greetings/ bah humbug to everone who reads this. Yep, nearly christmas again. I've got my shortest holiday seaon ever coming up - finish work at 5.40pm on Friday, back to work at 8.40am on the following Monday.

Christmas here is definately hyped though not a little baby Jesus kind of way. Taiwan, a predominantly buddhist country, does not celebrate it nor give it as a national holiday. This however does not stop the businesses from plugging it to the maximum. SantaClaus, reindeer, carols playing etc etc.

Really shows the good old commercial side of christmas without the veneer of religion we attach to it in the west.

Anyway, myself and friends will be doing our best (our best is normally excellent) to have a good time and enjoy ourselves regardless.

At least we don't get a week of turkey sandwiches.


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