An Englishman in Taiwan

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And so I'm back! (without my mobile phone)

I hope you haven't actually been watching this space.

Well I'm back again and hopefully will be posting regularly from now on ..... Hopefully.

I have been the victim of crime! Don't worry, I'm slowly coming to terms with it. However, I fear that my cell/mobile phone may never recover; it being the real victim of this crime.
It happened at about 1am on Tuesday morning, as I was walking back to John Boyd's house in Bangkok.

Ladyboys did it!

They both approached me on a narrow stretch of pavement and one made a blatant grab for the pocket (pretty sure it was my pocket she/he was going for) where my wallet was located. I told this he/she to kindly go away and stop bothering me though in less cordial language. While my attention was on the first wallet grabbing thief/scumbag the other thief/scumbag dipped into my other pocket and removed my cell phone. I didn't even notice it was missing until I arrived at boyd's house.

Luckily the phone was out of battery and Jenny was able to cancel it before any financial damage could be done. I was planning to buy a new phone soon but have, of course, lost my numbers.


The reason for going to Thailand? The content of earlier portions of the blog should give you a clue. That's right, a Visa. Two years as an illegal alien is finally drawing to a close. The school which has been saying 'three more weeks' since November 2004 is now saying 'two more weeks'. This has to be a good thing!

Ah, to go to the dentist! Such a simple and normally fear inducing prospect is not possible here without health insurance (work permit) and has become a goal and and something to look forward to.

Happy new year to all of you. I hope it's a legal one!